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  • Our premium Chinese festival lanterns are perfect for weddings, ,graduations, New Years Eve, anniversaries, any other festive event, , parties, valentines, birthday, soutdoor bonfires, memorials, ceremonies, funerals, Christmas and just because.

  • Safety – Flying lantern paper is made of rice and yellow cotton. Chinese lanterns are flame retardant, so you don’t have to worry about the sky lantern catching fire. The fuel has been rigorously tested for 13 years to ensure that the sky lantern is extinguished as soon as it falls.

  • RELEASE YOUR Wish Light LANTERNS– Paper lanterns fly for up to 11 minutes and reach heights of over 3,000 feet!

  • Easy To Use: All chinese lanterns are fully assembled and the wax fuel is easy to light up. Each chinese lantern package is equipped with operating instructions. ECO-Friendly: Sky lanterns are made of high quality flame retardant paper and the frame is made of bamboo, all chinese paper lantenrs Biodegradable 100% ECO-friendly and will disintegrate over time after using.

  • If you are not satisfied with our parper lanterns, you can return our sky lanterns for no reason.

  • Our sky lanterns are made of flame-retardant paper, and all materials are environmentally friendly. Our sky lanterns can ensure that the fire goes out when the sky lanterns begin to fall. After 13 years of market verification, our sky lanterns are very safe.

    Chinese Sky Lanterns 100% ECO Friendly Biodegradable Paper Wishing Lanterns with Fire Resistant Paper for Weddings Birthdays Memorials and Celebration Events 6 Pack - BFUHRO1B5