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  • DISCREET - These gender reveal powder cannons come as a set of 4 and are packaged so you can hide the sex of the baby. This Kit comes with 4 Pink powder poppers.

  • EXTRA POWDER: Our cannons are 18 Inches in size compared to our competitors only 12 Inch. Our cannons hold twice as much powder !!!

  • NON-TOXIC : Each cannon is filled with 100% Holi Powder which is cornstarch & food dyes.

  • MADE OF PVC: Each of our cannons is made from a hard plastic that is more durable for shipping then most cannons made from cardboard.

  • SAFE & EASY - Each powder cannon is filled with with blue powder that shoots up 20 feet into the air. Simply hold firm and twist the bottom of the cannon while aimed straight up in the air and watch the surprise powder blast out.

  • Gender Reveal Surprise|18 Inch Gender Reveal Powder Cannons Bundle 4 Pink| Pink Powder Dispenser| 8 Free Gender Reveal Party Balloons - BB13HX9IL