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  • Stocking filler - perfectly sized Christmas present

  • Party Bag Favors - ditch the usual junk in favor of a keepsake that can be used everyday! Children and adults alike love being able to display their keyrings which reflect their unique tastes and name!

  • Travel - our keyrings make identifying luggage a breeze! Make your suitcase standout on the luggage belt!

  • Table Settings - ideal for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other celebrations, from big to small. Not simply a useful marker for where to sit, they serve as a wonderful take home gift!

  • School Backpacks - say goodbye to taking home the wrong school backpack!

  • Personalized Keyring. Name Tag! Backpacks! School Bag! Holidays! Birthday! Party! - BKYGUQHPO