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  • Sky lanterns are already fully assembled,Chinese lanterns easy to use,Sky lanterns to release in sky memory.

  • Chinese lanterns to release in sky memorial,Paper lanterns is biodegradable.

  • Flying lanterns can reach heights of over 2000 feet. Flying closer to God makes it easier to communicate your wishes to God.

  • Chinese lanterns flying in the air can make the celebration more memorable and impressive.

  • Sky lanterns 5 pack colors. For weddings, graduations, anniversaries, Celebration of a loved one's memory.

  • Chinese lanterns sky lanterns are already fully assembled,
    So you just need to open it carefully
    Easy to use.

    *Please launch in dry or windless conditions.
    * Please make sure the wind speed does not exceed 5 km /h.
    * Check the wind direction, and ensure that the planned flight route of Chinese Lanterns is free of obstacles.
    *Launch in an open space - far away from airports,woodlands,trees,
    buildings, overhead cables, telegraph poles,pylons and major roads.

    *Paper lanterns are made from environmentally friendly materials.
    Fire Resistant Rice Paper, Fire Resistant String,
    Sky lanterns are perfect for weddings,engagements, graduations, anniversaries,
    Celebration of a loved one's memory ,parties, outdoor bonfires, birthdays,
    memorials, ceremonies,funerals, hot balloons any other festive events.

    Sky Lanterns to Release in Sky Chinese Lanterns are Fully Assembled Floating Lanterns 5 Pack Colors Flying Lanterns for Weddings,Paper Lanterns are Biodegradable. - BLI4D9IJ9