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  • Excellent For Building Forearm Strength

  • Excellent Recovery & Rehabilitation Tool For Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel, Rheumatoid Arthritis, , Post , Tennis Elbow, Wrist Sprains And Broken Or Wrists.

  • 1X Heavy Grips

  • Works Great For Increasing Speed, Strength And The Wrist, Hands, And Forearms.

  • Increase Your Grip Increase Your Lifts

  • Ergonomic & ambidextrous design makes it suitable for men women, seniors, teens and pre-teens, and children, depending on age.
    Increase your grip increase your lifts
    1X Heavy Grips
    Works great for increasing speed, strength and the wrist, hands, and forearms.
    Excellent recovery & rehabilitation tool for arthritis, carpel tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis, , post , tennis elbow, wrist sprains and broken or wrists.
    Excellent for building forearm strength

    Xipoxipdo Heavy Developer Grips Wrist Muscle 100lbs-350lbs Hand Strength Rehabilitation Fitness & Yoga Silver B - B6199DLI8